He wrote killers not kittens! (Movie from just one brief scene)

I’ve come to you after a full week of exhausting every boolean operator, every film fanatic, every friend and relative I know.

I’m looking for a movie, it was probably an action comedy movie and likely not big budget.

The scene that has been playing in my brain for days is of a henchman type criminal, maybe in a black leather jacket, going into a DMV style place to pick up his vanity plates. When the older woman brings them to him, they say “kittens.”. He’s furious because he wrote “killers” and she’s like “looks like kittens”

Essentially his handwriting was awful so he got a plate that says kittens. I don’t know why my brain is hyperfixating on this but i think about it ALL the time

Now he is not the main character, she is never seen again, he has a partner and someone mentions the vanity plate again at some time, but it’s probably a sub sub level plot moment.

The movie era is very likely 95-2007. Which rules out very little in the b movie action comedy genre.

But the only thing I’m positive about is this joke suck with me for at least 20 years and lately it’s been occupying way to much mental real estate.

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