Hello guys I am looking for a movie that I watched long time ago

I don’t remember the whole movie, but I do remember some memorable scenes. Mainly the plot of the film revolves around a woman who I think is a writer. She went somewhere in the countryside to rest from everything and to find inspiration, I guess. She goes to some big house where she started to live, but strange and creepy things happen. people begin to die under various circumstances. Her house was possessed by spirits who used the “portal” through her new door that she had installed. I know it has something to do with the swamp (maybe the movie has a similar name). It turns out that a girl once lived in that house and died tragically (perhaps she was raped or killed or similar). If you know the name of the movie, please answer me, I would be very grateful.

a little off, but “door in the woods”?

Thank you for the answer. It is good movie but it is not what am I looking for.

in that film, people from that town or village appear who help her in some way, but they are mysteriously killed. I also remember that scene in (the garden that is inside) and some plants (perhaps roses) that strangled the one whose garden is his. Sorry for my bad English, if you have any questions that will help you in searching for this movie, feel free to ask them. I will answer you if I remember

i found it!

the marsh


You found it. Thank you man I really appreciate your help.

I am glad that was it. Not sure of anywhere to see it, other than the pay per rent at Amazon, Apple, or Vudu.