Help! Can't Remember Indie Movie Name

Hello al, hope you are doing ok. Can anyone help remind me the title of a movie I watched 2016-17…Its an indie movie, most likely a UK-produced movie.

PLOT: It was about 2 female (American?) musicians/rock stars whose music career had gone badly and they decide to go back to college in the UK (Oxford univ, I think). While on campus one day, they stumble into the library & the librarian (a chubby, care-free guy) helps them out. In the next few scenes we see the librarian and one of the ladies spend a lot of time together as the librarian takes her around the campus area/restaurants. He falls in love with her, but she brushes him off, even making fun of him. The movie ends on a good note though, as we find out that the way the librarian had cared for this lady had made her fall for him too. Last scene in the movie is the librarian finding the woman in a bar where she was singing, and there their love is revealed. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS MOVIE!