Help find modern animated movie

I remember it vividly but can’t find through search or databases.
There is a family of daughter (human with tiny horn) and father (creature). father is always silent, but super joyfull, running through hills smelling flower.
The whole village or creatures where they live prepares for a fight with some other creatures (later we know that with humans) and all kids are discovering their super powers. But this girl can’t discover anything.
And then a brother of a father appears and it turns out that the father used to be a superfighter, like managing the wind. The brother tries to teach a girl, but again nothing.
And then her horn kinda falls off, everyone understands that she’s a human and say that she can’t stay. I can continue, but maybe that’s sufficient

3d animation or 2d? in english? I feel like I have seen this one before…

do you remember approx when you saw it? i am struggling to find it and i really thought the horn would be the key… any other unique stuff you remember? what did the creatures/dad look like?