Help find this movie from my childhood

the movie is about a cop/investigator that i think kidnaps young girl(s) and keeps them in a basement to have sex with them. and he films himself having sex with the girl.
at some point someone discovers the shed/basement and they find the girl hidden under the stairs.

i watched this movie together with a friend of mine Many years ago and he recently passed away.
thats why it means something to me to find and rewatch that movie i think the name of the movie was metalica or sicilica but i could be compleetly wrong.

could it be episode 6 of “slasher”?

I think it could be this one, but there’s no sex scene in it whatsoever:

It can be this one:

thanks for all the comments. but they where all wrong. suddenly i remembered the first part of the name of the movie. this is the one.

thanks everyone anyways!!