Help finding a movie

It movie about a girl who gets kidnapped and is held like in a white room and throughout the movie her boyfriend and someone else I think look for her. At the end of the movie she gets killed but in between the scenes where she’s getting killed it switches to them but like in a doll version so it like real then it switches to a doll version of them while she’s getting killed , at the very end her boyfriend finds her in the empty white room dead and naked and they have like sad instrumental music in the background and then the movieron ends… PLEASE HELP I NEED TO FIND THAT MOVIE JUST FOR THE SONG. BECAUSE THE SONG IS A BEATIFYL SONGPKSPSLSP😭 also I think she’s red head and like a 1990s or 2000s movie. I’m also not sur e if the movie is like a Latin American movie or an American movie but help pls