Help: I forgot the Title of the movie

I watched a movie in 2008, i want to watch it again but i cannot remember the Title. I searched the internet fruitless, so i need some help.

The movie was about children who were abandoned twice in the forest so that they can never come back to their parents for some reason that i do not remember.

The first time, one of the kids used pieces of food to mark their path as their parents/relatives were leading them into the forest. After they were abandoned, they managed to get back by following the pieces they used to mark their path.

The second time, they did the same… but this time a rabbit/mouse ate the pieces of food marking their trail. So they were lost. They struggled in the forest, hunted by wolves/coyotes… Captured by a beast/man eater… but one of the kids managed to find magical boots and saved his/her brothers & sister.

This is all i can remember.

Language: English

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The premise is Hansel and Gretel. There’s been different versions of it televised: