HELP I know this really good movie exists but i dont remember much about it

Well actually im not even sure i was a movie with the amoint of stuff in it but at the same time im pretty sure i watched it on a screen in a restaurant as a kid. I definitely sure it was asian. Most likely chinese but japanese, korean, taiwanese, thai or countries with that general look are not off the table.

I rememeber it being about a celebrity, an actor to be specific. She had black hair and there was a scene where she had to inch past people with mics. There was also a scene with her and a guy (love interest?) on a motorbike and she feels happy and stuff.

She also has a bad history with another actor. In one part they are on the set which is like a traditional house and theyre in traditional clothes and it actually goes back there a lot because im pretty sure it wasnt a real thing happening and is a haloucinatuon kinda thing instead. There was a thing with a hairclip and something about snow being significant at one point of change.

Then in another hallucination ish thing the same actor is this persona with purple hair in space buns or a bob cut (i think) whos a server/bartender (idk) at this weird sci fi like bar. I think its supposed to represent her brain. At one point no weird people are in there anymore and the server is all alone. And theres pill taking (drugs probably) and she sit againts a wall passed out ish. There may have been a thing about a corner.