Help identify an obscure movie from 1990s or older, criminal/political drama(?)

I saw this film somewhere between 1990 and 2000. Overall - there was some (American?) guy (white man with dark hairs) who worked in some rural area (Latin America? Philippines?), a journalist, or oil-industry worker/geologist, or something like that.

The two pieces of (more or less) concrete information I remember:

  1. There was some local conflict (drug-dealers? rebel rural residents?). I remember a scene where someone was hanged on a tree or a pole.
  2. The protagonist guy had an affair with a (local?) girl whose name was ‘Sybil’ or ‘Sibila’, or close to that in sounding. I remember a scene where the guy was a bit drunk, and was calling that name as he could not find the girl.

I don’t remember any Hollywood celebrities appearing in the film (not sure, though). I believe it was an obscure low-budget movie. Probably not that obscure as it was shown with translation on TV in post-Soviet region where I saw it in 1990s.


Just a guess, maybe?:
“A Dangerous Life” (1988) (2-part TV Mini Series)

American journalist, Philippines, political drama. I saw this only once in the 90s (and also in a post-Soviet region) and I do not remember whether the two scenes you are describing are in the movie, but the basic premise is somewhat similar to your description. Even if it is not the movie you are looking for, it is worth watching, it is a pretty good movie.