Help me and my mom find a movie please

Hello, the only parts i remember from this movie from my childhood is that its kinda of an investigator on a trail of a cult, movie is probably from 2000 early 2010 and the two things i remember clearly are a bell tower or just an tower falling and crushing someone right in the head, and the other is the protagonist chasing someone who jumped out of a window and cut his leg, but when he searched the person he thought was the culprit he didn’t have a cut in his leg, revealing there more people involved. Please help!


Not sure if this is it, but there is a girl and her bf having sex in the graveyard and a large headstone thing like huge thing caved in his head in the middle of the act. There is a bunch of stuff going on but there is a guy scene where he was injured and a friend went back to retrieve it and they acted like it was his body part which could be the search scene.

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Hi, this sounds a lot like the movie ‘Hot Fuzz’ to me.

Head crushing scene:

around 1:40 min

Missing cut in the leg scene:

around 5:30 min