Help me find 2 old movies

First movie is about people trapped in building which is on fire or flooded (can´t remember precisely) and they´re trying to get to the roof ( I think :D)

Second one is about people working with computer which went rogue. It´s holding them in some kind of base or complex, so to get out they try to shut it down.

Both movies were old, maybe 80s, 90s, around 2000.

Thanks to everyone for the effort :slight_smile:

The first one sounds a lot like Towering Inferno.

Could the second one be Resident Evil (2002)? I saw the movie like 15 years ago, so I don’t remember the plot that well, but if I remember correctly there was a computer that went rogue

Could the first one be “Daylight”?

I know you said a building, but wanted to try a guess on something similar. Poseidon (2006) has the characters climbing different levels of a cruise ship that looks like the inside of a building, and it’s flooded AND on fire.

A couple of possibilities to the second movie, none of them is a perfect match though, but there are rogue computers in the movies:
“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968)

“Colossus: The Forbin Project” (1970)

“WarGames” (1983)

“Eagle Eye” (2008)

@casspir Thanks for your tips, but none of them is the one. I was watching it around 2008-2010 maybe, so it was probably closer to 90s, because it was “rather” new as I remember. The people were some kind of scientists working with the computer. I´m sorry for the lousy details, but I barely remember it. I was o kid at the time, that´s why the lack of information :frowning:

@Jamesanthony I tried this one in my search, but it´s not the right one. The one, that i´m searching for was a little bit newer than this one.

To the first one:
“San Andreas” (2015)?

“Skyscraper” (2018)?

@casspir I am familiar with San Andreas. I acually really like this movie, but the movie i´m looking for is older. (As i said in the description) probably before year 2000 or around 2000. (up to 2010 tops)

Another guess to the second movie:
“The Andromeda Strain” (1971)?

There is also a 2008 mini-series remake of that movie:

@tapdark I watched The Towering Inferno and that´s not it :frowning: and neither the Resident Evil

@casspir I tried the Andromeda strain, but no. That´s not the movie :frowning:

About the computer, reminds me of a scene in Holocaust 2000 a.k.a The Chosen (1977).

@chisco still not the one i´m looking for. By the looks of it, it was a little bit newer than this movie

My idea for the second movie, by the way, don’t put 2 questions in one again, is" The Tower" 1993. A TV movie.

There is another TV movie with the title “The Tower”, this one is from 1985, and the premise is similar:

@casspir @Kickbobby neither of these movies is the right one :frowning:

@JoeKing12001 Story in my movie was from building/skyscraper, so that´s not it :frowning:

@Kramerjp Thanks for the tip. It looks like a really good movie, but that´s not it either. It was most definitely a building, because I remembered, that there was a scene, where the characters were on a rooftop and they were trying to get from the roof back to the building in a schaft (probably to save someone) and I saw a city in the backround.