Help me find a comedy film about a romanian hero

The movie starts with a guy (main character) getting in a plane. He was scared and he starts telling a story to calm himself down. The story i about romanian (maybe greek) hero who is basically a stronger version of him. The story goes as the hero has adverntures, fight battles, etc… the film is a comedy and has very funny moments in it. I think the plot of this film is when the guy gets of the plane he goes to the wedding to ruin it. He loves the girl but she is getting married to another man. The girl is the love interest in the story he is telling and the guy she is getting merried to is the big bad i think. I dont think the movie was indian but it had low quality bollywood vibes with a lot of wierd music but it was really funny. I dont think the movie is very popular so im having trouble finding it. Please help. Thank you.

what language was it in? how old is it?