Help me find a crime movie please

I think the movie is from 1990 to 2010 i just remember some hints about it.

Doctor kill little girls and he took their clothes and put them on dolls, the doctor used to put a lot of dolls wearing dead girls clothes and he strat playing with them.

The guy who going to investigate this case i dont remember well if his cop or journalist but as far as i remember is his going to meet little girl idk remember her name well but later on he will use this girl to catch this doctor bcs he did something i think he bought a place i think was store or something and he hired the girls mom to work for him i think he made playground fir the girl, one day the doctor was driving by that place and he saw the girl and she was his next target.

Later the cop or journalist he was having discussion with the girl and he knew she met with that doctor because he give her some candies that called it “red snakes”.

This cop or journalist had friend who work as psychologist he was helping him with this but he thought his friend is crazy by using the girl and i remember they capture him but they didnt know that he was right .

In the end he meet the doctor in forest but the doctor was crazy and he was acting like child and cop or journalist was acting like him so he doesnt shoot him.

The girl didnt die and the guy and the mom girl stayed together.

Thats all i remember.

Movie langauge is english

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Is it Children of Wax?