Help me find a horror movies that the intro was set in snowy mountains

So I watch a cutscene in tiktok about a horror movie, I forgot the title but I guess I have searched it and it was released between 2011 to 2018

So the intro of the movie (only the intro not the entire movie) was set on a snowy mountains,

a group of people trying to cross a bridge but one person got scared that they would fall, the bridge is a hanging bridge, but then this one person crossed it successfully and then the rest of them crossed,

but the person who crossed first fell into the ground and then the rest of them trying to save him with going down with a rope, but after a person got down, the person who fell first was seen sitting in a strange ritualistic position like he was worshipping something

I would appreciate any help, thank you.

Possibly The Empty Man (2020) ?