Help me find a movie from childhood

The movie is about this teenage girl who has a dog(?) plushie that’s magic and it talks. The plush is essentially her only friend, she lives in this house with her parents or grandparents and at some point she writes/carves some message on the windowsill. There’s a boy that had an unrequited crush on her and later in the movie he dies and she attends his funeral and feels very bad. I think there’s also a scene where she goes swimming with someone in a lake or a river and they swim too far and her or her friend start drowning? Another scene I think is also from this movie is where she’s running some school marathon and faints/hurts her leg. Eventually she grows up to be a woman and says goodbye to her talking dog plushie because she’s ready to enter adulthood and doesn’t need an imaginary friend anymore, but she passes down the plush to either her daughter or niece to have an imaginary friend too. Please help I’ve been looking for this movie for years. Most of the atmosphere of the movie seems somber, maybe from the way it’s shot or because it’s old. Seems like its from early 2000s or maybe even the 90s

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Is it Dancing on the Moon (1997)?