Help me find a movie pls

While I was sitting in the bunker, I remembered one film, but only one excerpt, maybe, who knows

The guys at a young age, maybe still in school, went to some kind of dungeon, or an abandoned metro network, or some kind of bunker, a network of underground tunnels. And at the box office, while they were buying tickets, they tricked the cashier into taking away the plan of this dungeon, and it was large, with a bunch of branches, like a labyrinth. And somehow it turned out that many years passed, they got there again, hid from someone in this dungeon, then they came out through some kind of hatch and gave this card to the same, but older cashier.That’s all I remember, but I can’t remember the title, the general plot, or the country of production

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ty for help))))))))))))))))))))))))

Maybe “La dame en couleurs” (1985)?


yes, that’s him. Thank you, I couldn’t remember the name for a long time