Help me find a movie

Hi, I need help finding a movie, I have a horrible memory and Ive tried google search but no luck.
From what i remember it was a fantasy. The opening credits had like these water bubbles. Unfortunately, I can only remember a few random scenes.

a) a young girl (the mc if i remember correctly) was walking in the hallway and the camera showed her shadow was a wolf.
b) a boy (sorta emo lmao) is hiding under a tree where the roots come up and they have like a little cave under it?
c) it ends with a woman, the girl, the boy standing on a cliff with the moon full.

Not a lot to go on but all i can remember. I used to love it as a kid and its like on the tip of my tongue.

it was live action? in english? made in 2000s sometime?

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Yes live action, English and if I had to guess early 2000’s

Check out The Secret of Moonacre

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Thankyou for this! been looking for a while :slight_smile:

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