Help me find film

Hey guys i need help finding film i saw many years back. Its an comedy zombie movie which have a scene that guy take off his clothes and being naked. Then he hop in the bus fill with zombies and gone berserk kill all the zombies in the bus with his bare hands to find his mom. She finally found standing at the end of the bus and after recogzie she became a zombie. He finish her with a bat with her head jump out the window. Oh yeah one speacial thing in the film is the reason why they turn into a zombie. Its because the meteorite fall off and suddenly a cow lick it and and milk gushed out like a stream. Everyone who drinks it became zombies

can you remember anything else? when did you see it? was it american or european? it was a zombie comedy for sure? milk was the guaranteed infectious agent?

This is more than likely not right, but let’s start with this: