Help Me Find Movies or TV Shows that Contain the Following Type of Scene:

I have a fetish. I like to see scenes of women using their long fingernails to scratch in order to defend themselves or inflict damage. I know it sounds strange, but I somehow developed this kink when I was a kid, so please don’t hang me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I already have a library of movies, that I collected through the years, which contain these scenes. Here are some of them (so, please, don’t include them):

  • Nuts
  • Vice Squad
  • Holes
  • Deadline Assault
  • The Hand of Night
  • Bedroom Eyes
  • The Shuttered Room
  • Dead Sleep
  • Sudden Death
  • Poor Pretty Eddie
  • The Double Man
  • The Rookie
  • Night of Dark Shadows
  • Several foreign films & TV series

In addition to women scratching with their fingernails, I also enjoy anything related to that, such as women using their fingernails to dig or pinch, and even just mentioning using their nails (e.g. “I’ll scratch his eyes out”; “I’ll use my nails on him”, etc.).

One more thing. The scenes I’m looking for need to be serious. I’m not interested in anything contrived or related to ‘role-playing’.

Can you help me find more titles/clips? ‘Solution’ will be given to the answer with the best scene.


Take a look to this list (discard the ones you’re not interested in):


Chisco, I am trying to award you the ‘solution’, but the option to do this has been removed, for some reason.