Help me find some swordsman/samurai/ninja with some arachnid vampires movie

Hello guys. I need some help finding a movie. I don’t remember any actor’s name, so, I only remember some details about the plot.
It’s about some swordsman or samurai or ninja, in white dressing, that fights in some moment of the movie, against some kind of arachnid vampires. And the final battle is againts some type of an Angel, something like that. And that all that I can remember. I hope you can help me guys. Thanks a lot.

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the vampires were spiders as well? it wasn’t in english originally? “samourais” had the mark of a spider tat thing that a swordsman fought…


The vampires had some spider powers, like climbing walls and make spiderweb. They were a special enemmy. Thanks for the answer.

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was this in english? when did you see it?

closest so far is like Ninjas vs Vampires or Ninjas vs Monsters , but or could be a film with the hopping vampires of china…

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