Help me find the movie name! Thanx

I hardly saw 20min.
Language : English (I guess, I watched in my regional language)
Possible year of release : definelty before 2010’s
Description: 2 ladies going a RED sporty looking car. one girl name is Leslee and the other one is wearing denim coat. They are in some kinda driving on the highway(i assume) and i think they hit another red colour old model car and its clearly day time as the sun is up. They came out of car uninjured to ask for help to move the other car out of the way. they stopped a truck. the guy in the truck came down, went near the cars, one girl went into one car other girl in other car…this guy is guiding them to back the cars a little…but the old red car isnt moving…so the truck guy signled the another truck that gng the same way to help…but that truck dashed(?) the old red car. these girls were afraid of that truck and also has no driver. so…these girls get back into their red sporty car and told the truck guy the leave…after few minutes the no driver truck following them super speed…they also accelerated…then their car got flat tire. Fortunately, the truck overtook them…they were trying to fix he flat tire but the truck coming to them in opposite diection. these 2 girls left the car and started running towards the dry field(?)…but the denim tripped and hit her head with rock and lost conscious, buy the moment she woke up leslee is no where found…she is screaming leslee’s name.

To the viewer:
Tqsm for reading this freaking long para, hope u get barricade for your fav singer concert


Is it Driver from hell (aka Wrecker)?

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