Help me find the name of the movie from Italy/France from 80s 90s

Movie is about a guy who is part of struggling circus or entertainment group. Some company is doing pageant for beautiful male and he enters in hopes to win money to help his group but loses the final round when he refuses to drop his pants. The host(woman who is ceo or vp) asks him to choose one of the girls on stage as his consolation prize to date for 7 days. He chooses the host and she reluctantly spends 7 days with him at his place helping with circus and then goes back to her glamour life but comes back to him?

For sure it’s a European movie. I found the movie in IMDb once but forgot to bookmark and it’s been driving me nuts. Even asked chatGPT with no luck.

last romantic lover?

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Thank you. This is exactly it!!!

glad that was it. enjoy seeing it again.

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