Help me find the name of this movie (Tiny metalic head with spider legs)

I saw it when I was younger (2000 - 2010), so my memory fails me.

But what I remember is: There is a boy and a girl in an abbandoned mansion, where a tiny metalic head with spider legs, that serves as a doorknob or a key (don’t remember, lol), tries to persuade them in doing some ritual. The girl goes to the basement of the mansion, that has a cave and an altar, does some chanting and releases a demon. This demon goes storming through the mansion and finds a beggar in one of the rooms, killing him in the process. After that, the boy and the girl finds the dismembered body of the beggar, making the girl scream in horror.

The scene of the dismemebered beggar is burned into my mind, because it shocked me (I was below 18 by the time I saw that movie). Also the tiny metalic head. He was like the evil mascot of the movie, always trying to make the couple do his bidding.

Can you guys help me find this movie? It seems to be very obscure.


“Demon in the Bottle” (1996)?

You can watch the full movie on YouTube below. Ca. at the 0:50:49 mark you can see the metallic head with the spider legs:

Here is a shot of the metallic head with the spider legs:
Demon in the Bottle (1996)



That’s the movie! thanks man!

Gotta watch it now.


This is the scene that traumatized me when I was a child. Seeing it nowadays looks a bit silly. LOL


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