Help me find the title of this movie

Hello, I’m trying to find the title of a movie (which could also have been a short tv show) that I’ve seen sometime ago. I don’t seem to recall the names of the actors nor the year of production except the theme being set sometime during the 20th century, here is the description:

The events transpired inside a mansion near a lake with a distressed woman who hires a detective to find her missing husband and there was also a creepy maid that would sometimes show herself. The woman of the place would sometimes paint in her spare time but then one of the paintings would randomly paint by itself and a faint whispering voice could be heard coming out of that particular room and wet footsteps could be seen on the stairway leading to it. Another scene I recall was when an earthquake happened while the detective was inside a crypt looking for clues only to find that the rest of the family members from the last few hundred years never had their bodies found so the coffins were empty.

The detective was mostly reluctant about there being anything that is even remotely paranormal but afterwards a small gadget capable of transmitting low frequencies is found which later on was revealed to be the cause of the whispering that drove the distressed woman to almost drown in the lake but luckily was saved in the nick of time thanks to the detective who leapt inside the lake moments before she would’ve officially drowned. The earthquake tremors caused whatever was hidden deep inside the lake to resurface and what came up were the bodies of all the previous owners and one of which was the missing husband himself but because of the lack of light or any oxygen for that matter they’d been stuck and so their bodies had not decayed after floating back up appearing to be well preserved. At the end of the movie the only ghost in the film was the maid herself who was trying to help the detective in her own way before moving on into the afterlife once the case was finally solved.

Could it be “The Awakening”?