Help me find this movie please!

So what I’m remembering from the trailer, which one I saw few month ago as an ad on Facebook, is:

There was a guy with his daughter (she was around 5-6 yo) , and he had a look at his house and he notice that dimensions were weird (the house from outside looked big and from inside looked smaller, OR OPPOSITE) , and he was outside with his daughter and he said for her “Go inside house and bring your jacket”, she went and he saw that she is not coming back, so he decided to go in after her, he opened door, and he started call her name but only he saw her jacket (yellow collor probably) on middle of the corridor, and she was missing, she disappeared.

That’s all I remember, now I am trying to find it but I can’t. Any help, please? Much appreciated!

That sounds like the creepy movie
You Should Have Left (2020)
starring Kevin Bacon in a mysterious vacation home.

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