Help me find this movie plz

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a film I saw when I was younger, which I think about several times a year because I’ve never been able to find it again. Every time I bring it up, no one has any answers and everyone thinks I’m crazy. From memory, it’s a short film of very good quality, at the end of a CD film I was watching. It played itself, without having to choose.

The film is set in a thriller-like world, with a group of people in 1930s-40s-style gala outfits talking to each other at an apartment party. It’s all shot in static, a bit of fish-eye camerawork. One man tells an older man that he intends to leave town by any means necessary. The older man seems panicked and tells him not to do anything so stupid, that if he does, “they” will cut off his legs. There are cutaways where one person watches through bull’s-eyes, like a voyeur watching the scene as the characters change rooms in the course of their disscutions. The men in the room are still talking to each other, one of them determined to leave town at all costs, as if trapped in a distopic world that everyone pretends to ignore. At the end of the film, as the lights dim, we realize that the two men are merely holographic projections recreating scenes from the past. We finally see the head of the man who was looking out of the bull’s-eye, the man who wanted to get out of town, his legs cut off, moving around on a wheelchair in a room that looks an awful lot like a gloomy bathroom. The atmosphere was cold, heavy. I also remember that in this room there was a bathtub full of goldfish, that’s all I remember.

Please someone find this film/short film that’s stuck in my head!

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This has a similar ending (a man tries to escape and has his legs amputated): Community (Fear Itself) - Wikipedia

However, other things don’t really match :frowning:

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