Help me find this movie/TV Show? :(

Ok so me and my friend have recently watched a lot of movies the past 3 months. We remembered a specific scene last night but we literally cannot remember what movie/tv show it is from…Here are all the details about the scene that we remember:

The scene involves 2 characters. The 1st character is the bad guy and he has some sort of device or chip that has the ability to clear someone’s criminal history/identity. He is holding it in his hand. The second character in the scene is a good character. A female who has some sort of criminal history/has been involved in bad things. The guy basically says to the girl “This is what you have been looking for” he basically says to her if she complies with his requests, he will give her this device, ultimately basically making her non existent. It will essentially wipe her identity, which for some reason she wants that…She takes the device and leaves. We also recall her coming back to save her friends. The scene basically makes you think she’s going to comply with the bad guy and take the device and leave her friends.

Ok this is all the details we know. We thought it was a scene from the Mandolorian but that ended up not being it.

Any help would be awesome!

The Dark Knight Rises?