Help me find this movie: Woman escaping from a robot

I saw it when I was a kid, around early 2000s. What I remember was that a woman is held captive by a robot. I think the robot treats her like a wife. The robot looks like a real human, the woman, from what I recall looks like Sigourney Weaver or Susan Sarandon. So she was trying to escape many times and the robot really got mad and locked her in her room. Then one day she promised that she will not escape anymore and ask him to go and have picnic by the river. The woman swam on the river the she pretends to be drowning but the ronot cannot save her because he is not waterproof. lol So the robot thought he lost her so he decided to go back to their house and shut himself down but before he can do so, he saw the woman again and chased her. That’s all I can remember.

“The Companion” (1994) (TV movie)

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