Help me find this old, american murder mystery movie

There is this movie i watched when I was younger PLEASE help me find it!! It would be 10/15+ years old (I watched it on VCR), also I do not think it was a popular movie. It was an american thriller / murder mystery movie about a woman seeing someone get murdered but she only saw the killer’s eyes - who had a very distinct eye colour, maybe green?? I think the victim got murdered in an office / where they both worked - this detail could be wrong though. The murderer ended up being someone she knew/could’ve been her husband or someone she was dating, and she figured out who he was by recognising his eye colour at the end of the movie. When the murderer realises that she recognises him, he tries to kill the woman in a underground car park but she gets away I think. I think the cover art for the movie is an eye with a knife in it?? Also there’s something to do with a leather glove in the movie like I think the murderer wears it? That’s all I can remember from it. These are some suggestions I’ve been given but its NOT these: Blink, Someone to Watch Over Me, Blink of an Eye, Eyes of a Stranger, Jennifer 8, Eye of the Beholder.


I have not seen this, so this is just a guess, but the poster of the movie on the IMDb page is somewhat similar to your description, so maybe?:
“In the Eyes of a Killer” (2009)

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Eyes of a Stranger?