Help me find this old, horror movie

Hello everyone. Many years ago I have seen a movie, a horror or sci-fi. Cannot remember the title, cast or other details apart from a few scenes. I will try to describe as better as I can
. The action seems to have place in a kind of desert. There are some kind of doctors or specialists that are trying to bring a dead body back to life. And somehow they do. But then that thing is no more human. I remember it has a horn like instead of a tongue. Some people are fighting it to survive. One of the scenes,they lay like a trap for it using human brains I think. And another scene is the end , where a few of them escaped with a small plane. When one of them is cutting that thing’s horn like tongue. I would be so grateful if someone could help. Also I’m sorry for bad grammar as English isn’t my first language. Thank you!


“Mind Ripper” (1995), also known as “The Outpost”

Quote from the below Wikipedia page of the movie:
The survivors fly to safety and Thor is shown motionless where he has fallen, until his hand twitches, indicating he is still alive.”
“While this is going on, Thor is revealed to be undergoing a form of genetic mutation and needs the sterols from the brainstem to stay alive, to which he sprouts a pincer from his mouth and uses it to take the bound Alex’s sterol, killing him.”