Help me find this one movie!

PLEASE help me find this movie that has come in the last 4 years. I don’t know what the genre would be but basically; there’re two sisters; an older and a younger sister. The older sister is was pretty and popular and the younger sister was more reserved and not so popular. Anyway the older sister goes out with her boyfriend and gets murdered. This is all happening in a small town and no one knows who the culprit Is and people are blaming this one kid who’s an easy target and has a deviant reputation. All the while, the younger sister falls into a deep depression and secludes herself following her sister’s murder. There is this black boy who also lives in the town and is very intent on finding/solving this murder. He becomes close with the remaining younger sister to the point where she begins re-integrating herself into society and coming to school more as she hangs out with him often. The boy is in a writing/journalism class and decides to write about the murder in the town. On the last night of the younger sisters’ life, she goes to a movie with the boy and he brings her home. Her parents are out of town, and her next door neighbor says that he has some old records that he wants to get rid of and she can come get inside. He murders her and that is when the viewers sees that the neighbor was the culprit all along.

It’s somewhat similar to Wicked (1998).