Help me find this zombie/alien probably indie film?

It has probably been at least 13-14 years since I watched this with my little brother. I remember the description being something like “There’s a giant meteor headed straight for earth, but it won’t land near people. The dust it kicks up will turn everyone into zombies. Time to panic!”
The movie was mostly in some sort of warehouse/hanger, I think? Bunker like. Anyway, there was a “normal” couple, a redneck, a Jesus freak, a porn star and her daughter as survivors in in it. There was a scene where they had one of the infected, when they went to check on him, they saw something roll out of his pants. Turns out it was some of his genitals. They strap him down, yank down his pants and realize the infected zombies are actually being used as alien hosts and where this guy’s stuff should be is like an egg sac/uterus thing.
There’s also a part where the Jesus freak and porn star’s daughter wander off and she has an alien in her. Jesus freak thinks he’s going to get lucky but alien demasculated him.
The normal couple and the redneck get away in the end, but I think the wife is actually infected too?
I think it probably would have been made in the early 2000s? Didn’t feel that old when we watched it, around 2008ish. I remember we watched it on some online database. I thought it was Shudder, but that came out in 2015 so couldn’t have been that.
Anyways, hope you guys can find this bizarre little film!

Days of Darkness

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