Help me identify the name of this movie found on Youtube

Saw on youtube a girl with green satin dress stealing shows etc then suddenly an asian male came and arguing with her ending up of her being stabbed. This is the link please help me guys brutal belly stab to a sexy woman - YouTube

This should be an easy one…
He calls himself Evan Tate… IMDB says it’s probably this character Dynasty (TV Series 2017–2022) - Ken Kirby as Evan Tate - IMDb from the show Dynasty.
He played in 6 episodes…
First in the list, there’s your woman in the green dress:

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CarlosCM is right. Here is the description of the scene from

" He encounters Kirby Anders who is retrieving shoes for Fallon. He confronts her on where Fallon is and sees through her lie that she doesn’t know. He demands to use her phone, which is vibrating from Fallon’s call, though she declines. As Kirby attempts to escape Evan he pulls her back and they fight before ending up on the floor. As she struggles, he stabs her in the stomach with a knife. As she lay bleeding, he escapes from the bedroom but leaves behind a bloody handprint on the bedroom door."