Help me to find a TV Movie

tv movie about a boy who was able to see the future. He was placed on air in a tv show where he predicted the future until one day he didnt speak. Turns out that he saw the end on the world by a solar flare by the very next day

you are sure it is a tv movie? it is in english? when did you see it?

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I believe that is an episode from the second season of Night Gallery. The title of the episode is The Boy Who Could Predict Earthquakes. It first aired in 1971, and was directed by John Badham (who went on to direct a string of fantastic movies in the 70’s and 80’s including Dracula, War Games, and Blue Thunder). Clint Howard (Ron Howard’s little brother) played the boy who could predict the future. He is given his own television show. His predictions about the future are so accurate that he gains a world-wide audience. When he refuses to appear one day, there is great concern. He is pressured to eventually make his daily prediction, and he tells his audience that all the world’s ills will end tomorrow. People around the world rejoice, but after the show, he confides to the producer that tomorrow there will be a solar flare that will wipe out all life on the earth.

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Thats the movie, Thank you!!!