** Help please in identifying the following murder/suspense film…

Approx year mid 90s to 2010

Storyline; there’s a (male) cop in a small rural town, a [rather odd] high school buddy of his from years previous is suspected of murder. As a kid he was bullied [at parties in the movie/scenes] and it came to be known that he grew feeling betrayed because he’d felt this pal [now a cop] was the one sole person he could ever really trust. The cop eventually digs beneath the dirt floor of an old cabin in the woods where he recalls they used to go as kids. There was an old house all on its own and I seem to remember there was a girl in it whose father and acquaintance were abusive towards her, and the ending suggested she was murdered by them and buried in the garden.

Some of it was filmed in unusual dreamlike sequences. It is a very good [almost life epic] US suspense/murder film and had a pretty high rating too.

Other info:

There is another scene detail I think attributes to this film too, but I don’t want to mention it presently because I can’t be absolutely positive I’m not muddling with another film.
Not my preferred genre usually- murder/suspense, so it’s failing me, but I do know it’s a very worthy film, and though my description is vague, it’s a little frustrating I’ve been unable to recall the title /more identifying details for this one.

Here’s hoping, Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Might be Mystic River?

Thanks very much anyway, but it’s not the one I’ve been searching for. It was not such a high budget or blockbuster movie. TY again.