Help to find a movie

It’s a thriller or suspense movie.

I watched it years ago (before 2010 probably), the only scene i remember is of a woman and I believe this woman was the main character in the movie, she was on her home playing that ‘solitaire game’ on her pc, the same solitaire game that came with the windows versions, it was late at night in the movie and it thundered and rained a lot, i think the power goes out in her house, but about power out I’m not sure, that’s what I remember.

The Net?

I watched videos on youtube and it doesn’t seem like the movie I’m looking for, but ‘the net’ seems to be very good, I’ll try to watch it.
I think the woman in the movie didn’t use the computer for work, she just played solitaire in a scene that was at night and it thundered and rained a lot.

The Glass House (2001) - In this mystery thriller, Leelee Sobieski plays a teenager who is taken in by a wealthy couple after her parents die. There is a scene where she is playing solitaire on her computer during a storm.