Hero movie with super vehicles

Hi there:)
Looking for a movie title. I recently remembered the movie existed because the movie „Sky high“ reminded me of it (it had similar vibes). I would also say it’s from a similar time period.
In the movie I‘m looking for I remeber that there is also a hero family (they don’t have powers) however the drives these vehicles (like spaceships) that help them save the world. The vehicles all have different colors and numbers. I remember there being a big blue one, a green one and an orange one. And if I remember correctly the main character is there youngest son who wants to be like his elder siblings and parents.
In the opening scene he gets picket up from school. (I forgot why and by whom) but on their way home to get there the vehicle turns into a plane. Their home is on a private island. It has a pool. And underneath the pool there is a launchpad.
There is also a scene in the movie where a cable car falls into a river and they get saved by one of these vehicles (of course being driven by someone) which has two claws.

I hope theses are enough clues to find the title of this movie:)

Sounds very much like Thunderbirds (2004 film) - Wikipedia USA
(Sky High was 2005)
based on the Gerry Anderson Super-Marionation sci-fi
TV Series of 1965
and film Thunderbirds Are Go! (1966)

Thanks a lot:) I‘m amazed how quickly the response was.