Hi, so I don't remember what the series is called

Hi, so I don’t remember what the series is called or in what language, and I also don’t remember animation or drawing with it, and if it reminds you of something, then I’d be happy if you could contact me. I’ve been looking for the series for quite a long time, and here’s what I remember.

So there are three people in the series

One BOY does not know where he lives but he is the main character and he is naughty

The second BOY is smart and builds robots and lives in London and he is blond and lives in a house in his grandmother’s garden where he experiments with robots he built

GIRL her name is Mia\ Maya I don’t know she seems to me to be Indian and she is also smart and she acts like an adult and more responsible

Every time they are needed, their technological bracelet flashes and then a portal opens for them to a secret place in a laboratory where they receive a mission and enter another world of special animals and either collect information about the animals with the help of the technological bracelet or are protected by robots that drain their energy

In short, the main character has the ability to connect himself with an animal and then turn into an animal and defeat the robots and they have matching clothes in orange and blue, such an orange coat and a blue shirt

And I also remember parts of chapters

and more

one part i remember they did something and an animal went to their world through an old portal that was displayed in a museum in london so they went through the portal to the house of the boy who lived in london and went to the museum

And another chapter

The main character had a date with his crush but the main character had a problem before you in the mission he swapped his brain with a monkey and they swapped bodies then the blond invented a machine to switch between him and the main character back

And another chapter

that they come to the forest and part of the forest is dead and the animals are weak and then the main character connects to the tiger and it turns into a tiger and then they find out that the robots take energy from the forest and pump the animals into a huge bag and then take energy from them as well and then it turns into an animal that beats them and more

what year did you see this and where? it is all live action? we are sure there are only 3 and not “animorphs”?

ya we are sure there are only 3 main characters

I remember 2 sides I remember there were side characters but I don’t remember much about them so I didn’t go into detail about them. And I’m not sure that they exist 100 percent in the series, so that is another reason why not.
The main character had a friend who wanted to play computer games with him all the time
And there was a great scientist who helped them from the ground up

its not animorphs
It’s totally either cartoon or animation and I remember seeing it a long time ago but I can’t tell you when. But more than 4 years is for sure

they look like real kids, unlike a “monkie kids”?

No, it’s not that, but it’s a cool series that I think I should start watching

and They looked like human children about 6th or 7th grade age not entirely sure about age/grade but I know they are children

Hi, is it this?