Highschool girl's parents murdered; relocated to midwest; found by her paintings

Not certain of year, but confident it’s post-2000, likely post-2010.
Had a hallmark/family friendly feel - likely direct to video, definitely not a blockbuster.

Girl’s parents are murdered and she is relocated to a small town, pretty sure in the midwest, in a witness protection kind of thing - don’t remember if she was a witness or a target for some other reason.

She was warned not to continue her painting because it would be a way to recognize her, but she eventually starts painting anyways and the killer(s) recognize her style (don’t recall how they saw her new paintings). He/they come to kill her and FBI / Marshall saves her just in time.

FBI / Marshall might’ve been a family friend, but not certain.

Think there was a light romance plot with one of the guys at her new highschool.
Thanks in advance if someone recognizes it.