Horror film scared me when i was a kid

I have only ever seen this film once when i was little and it scared me but i can only remember one scene. I will try to describe it as best as possible.

In the scene the kid is lay in bed trying to go to sleep. Something is tapping on the window so he looks. The light outside is casting a shadow on the window to show a tree branch tapping on the window. The tree branch looks like a claw. The only thing i remember after that is the claw smashing through the window and it flashing to outside where a winged figure flies off with the child.

I always thought it was jeepers creepers because of the winged figure but i cant find that scene in the movies. My boyfriend thought it was poltergeist but it doesnt look the aame to me and i dont think i ever watched it. Please help as this is really hurting my brain :slight_smile:

I was ready to shout Poltergiest right up until you mentioned the the winged creature. Is it possible you are conflating two different scenes from different movies? I do that all the time. Anyway, let’s try and get some details: Is it in English, when do you think it was made and what year do you think you saw it?

Definatley in English. Seem to remember the creature standing on top of the building too. Was american farm house. Was only one kid in the bedroom. Which could have been one adult and i might be getting mixed up that i was a kid. Im thinking very late 90’s or very early 00’s. Might have watched jeepers 2 at tge same time and mixing it up with another because until recently it was the only jeepers creepers i saw. But definatley not poltergiest as never seen it.

Are you sure it’s not this scene?