Horror, haunted House(mansion), bigger group of older teenager, little brothers, summoner

Hi again,

I am looking for a Movie, seen in the early 2000 on TV. A group of 6 or 7 maybe more teenagers (college age) decide to enter a haunted house. After they entered, they have the first bloody contact with the ghost or whatever. The first of them dying in a bloody mass with blood fountains or so.

Some survived butt they are imprisoned. Rescue has to come from outside.

Next scene, some friends, brothers or sisters, that have escaped or stood outside from the beginning looking for help. They find seemingly the help of a female summoner. They were talking to her, and at that point I can’t remember anymore. Because of the good red wine, I dozed off. :wink:

I have two little things in mind.

  1. I think there were two little brothers, or one and his friend, that entered the house too, without the wisdom of the others.

  2. The actor of the “summoner” is played by a well known actress in that genre. I thought it could be Linda Blair, but couldn’t find a match on imdb.


Just a guess, maybe
“House of Fears” (2007)?

Thanks, but “my” movie was earlier in time. And I am pretty sure, the well known actress is no imagination. :wink: I have seen a review or something else about that film before, where this point was mentioned.

Linda Blair is in a haunted house movie called Hell Night, this could be it?

@Jamesanthony Sorry, but no. :frowning:

The known actress could be

A lot of movies to check. I give it a try. ;o)

Another possibility has Adrienne Barbeau who was in a lot of horror movies-

Nice. It’s coming near, but it’s not this one. At the beginning there was really a bloody mess. For example, one of the boys wearing a pair of white pants and seconds later he was completely red, as like he was dipped in a pool of blood. ;o)

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Thanks, but sorry, no. About 10 or more years later. :slight_smile:

Still trying to figure it out. Another one coming to mind but doesn’t exactly fit is it has a really bloody at the beginning but doesn’t match your description. I only offered this one because of the boy/little brother who didn’t listen but it may jog a memory?

Other actresses known to be Scream Queens are- Dee Wallace, Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, and Karen Black. I am not sure the female summoner role if she was older or younger for what you remember but maybe that might help ?

Thanks, but 13 Ghosts is really far away. The Convent was near, but sorry, not bloody enough. ;o) And the Scream Girls, no.

I’ll keep looking. I didn’t think 13 Ghosts but it wouldn’t get out of my head so I posted lol…

The movie you are looking for is “House on Haunted Hill” (1999), directed by William Malone. The film follows a group of strangers who are invited to spend the night in a supposedly haunted mansion owned by eccentric millionaire Steven Price (Geoffrey Rush). The guests are promised a million dollars each if they survive the night.

As the guests explore the house, they encounter various traps, illusions, and ghosts that seem intent on killing them. The characters you mentioned, the two little brothers or one and his friend, are likely Eddie and Sara, two teenage lovers who sneak into the house after the others have entered.

The female summoner you mentioned is likely Chris Kattan’s character, Watson Pritchett, who claims to have a connection to the supernatural and tries to help the characters escape. The actress you were thinking of may have been Famke Janssen, who plays one of the guests named Evelyn Stockard-Price.

Sorry, but no, it’s not my movie. =o)

I haven’t seen this and it is newer but the trailer shows a lot of blood.