Horror movie about a house they cannot escape

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Hopefully anyone remembers, would mean a great deal to me :slight_smile:

So I have watched a horror movie that seemed to resemble the taking of Deborah Logan (at least in my mind). It was years ago, I would say at least 5 years ago and as far as I could tell there was a film crew that visited this old lady’s house, because she was diagnosed with Alzheimer or her daughter ended up taking care of her or inherited the house or something, or there were strange things happening and they went on to investigate the house.

So of course creapy things happen and I am rather sure by the end they try to escape the house but some kind of portal to hell was opened and they all get stuck in some wall and all of them end up dead. This did resemble in my mind a bit like as above, so below (which I also liked a lot). Might have been also a found footage theme, and it was not Relic (2020).

I already searched a lot on Google, but it did not result in finding the right movie. I am eager to watch it again, quite sure it was not a C or B movie.

Any ideas? Greatly appreciated fans, cheers!


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maybe one of the “hell house llc” films?

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