Horror movie from the 70s/80s

Ok this might be a bit of a longshot as I only ever saw the beginning of the movie and it was years ago (I watched this on Tv around the mid 90s). It was possibly a hammer horror movie, or at least that era.
Basically the movie started and it showed various people dying, but they were all dying in different ways, I think one fell down the stairs for example (others possibly hanging, drowning etc), I’m not sure if they were being murdered or just accidents but it was several people dying in a variety of ways. I have a feeling it might have been the start of a haunted house style movie but not 100%
If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated, this has been bugging my for years. Thanks!

Just want to add that all the deaths are taking place in the same house, its like an old manor house or something, and thats why i am thinking it could be a haunted house movie poss from the 70s.

Nobody have any ideas? I understand theres not much to go on though…

The Haunting (1963)?
Several deaths in a house, including falling down the stairs.

No don’t its that, think those deaths happen throughout the movie whereas the one I’m thinking of it shows you all these deaths as an introduction to story. Thanks for the input though!!