Horror movie (i can't remember the title of it)

The movie was probably set in America. It was made between 2010 and 1990. I guess it was in the horror and thriller genre. In the movie, a group (It was a group of up to 6 people) is in an abandoned city, and the main threat in the movie is an unseen malevolent entity. In the last scenes of the movie, the main character (male) was pushing a dynamite into a sand hole he found in an old gold mine. This hole was the source of the evil entity. And this evil spirit or entity was already in that mine long ago. In the movie, this entity is not visible, but he can manipulate people and hear his voice on the ground at the bottom of the old gold mine.

Abandoned Mine?

It was pretty similar to this but unfortunately not this one. Thankyou for the reply.

death canyon?