Horror movie I saw as a child

Hello, I’m looking for a horror movie I saw as a child. Below the descreption of what I remember, question mark when I’m unsure of the details.

Woman moves to a chilhood home and is cleaning/renovating it. The woman was famous and there was dolls of herself made? Or atleast I remember there being signifigance to the dolls being the dolls that they were. Romance with a neighbour man, who was maybe a painter? The woman is being threathened and finds the dolls in threatening manner, for example hanged? The woman hallunicates/dreames of her mother, the setting is in a graveyard and there is an open grave and it’s being implied that the mothers death is suspicous. Jumping to the end, it turns out that a friend of the woman is the murderer/stalker, the stalker was and older woman also a friend of the mom, and also tries to kill her by forcing alcohol with tube down her throat. The love interest man also figures out that the murder/stalkerer is the woman from a note on a fridge, because of the hand writing and runs to save the woman

It’s been a long time since I saw this movie, so I apologize that I do not remember very cleary and also for the fact that I’m not native english speaker so the writing may not be that good.


I don’t remember if all of that fits but this came to mind:

Hi, you can also try The Hand That Rocks the Cradle by Curtis Hanson (1992)

It is newer,