Horror movie in a morgue

Just remember a scene : the guy is working in a morgue and get a woman’s body. At one point, the lights run out, and back : the body moved a little. The lights go out again and back : the body is now standing up, still like a statue. The guy tries to escape the room but the door seems locked. The lights go out again and back again, and the body still comes nearer and nearer as in a twisted one, two three sun game.
I don’t think the movie is older than 10 or 15 years.

This one?

No, just rewatched this one to be sure : it is not. Actually the corpse does not move at al in this one.

If we’re not talking about Dr Who’s Weeping Angels, then perhaps something like this:

There’s a scene in a morgue in The Haunting of Hill House… Or possibly Nightwatch or the american remake?

Not Hannah either and it’s definitely a movie not a serie. I got to check Nighwatch 1997, have you got the year and exact title of the american remake ?