Horror movie in hospital with monster 80/90's

Trying to find an old movie probably from the 80/90’s
Remember it taking place in a hospital and a scene where a blue liquid is knocked over into a pietrie dish and large monster ends up growing from the liquid and terrorizes the hospital, I think there was a young boy also prominent in the movie

It was a color movie


blue monkey?

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I think you are asking about the 1986 horror film Blue Monkey (alternate title Insect). It was directed by Canadian William Fruet, who made some fairly decent horror film and tv shows in the 1980s.

In Blue Monkey, a gardener is bit by an insect living on an exotic plant. He gets sick, is taken to the hospital, where he vomits up a worm-like parasite. Doctors contain it in a glass jar for further study. Some stupid kids who are patients in the hospital, sneak into the lab, see the worm, feel sorry for it. and unwisely decide to feed it some blue stuff from a jar they pull off the lab shelf (a growth hormone). The parasite grows into a large monster that terrorizes the hospital. The movie is in color movie, and it prominently features some annoying little kids.

The full movie is available free on youtube, should you want to check it out to see if it might be the one you are looking for. The scene with the kids pouring the blue growth hormone into the jar holding the parasite appears exactly 30 minutes into the movie.

(8) Blue Monkey (1987) (a/k/a INSECT) - YouTube

The movie was directed by Canadian William Fruet who directed a lot of low budget horror and TV in the 1980’s. I rather liked some of his films, but I think Blue Monkey was not his finest work.