'horror' movie opens w/ makeout in backseat of jeep

begins w/ a jeep driving w/ 4+ people in it, male driver i think. girls in the backseat start making out (while chewing gum?). They all pull up to a house & enter. I think there was a black guy amongst them in the group.
movie start gave the vibe of a horror-movie-parody that was maybe somewhat making fun of a previously popular horror movie.

Scary Movie 2? Scary Movie 2 (2001) - IMDb

Scary Movie 2 starts at a piano (famous Exorcist scene) and doesn’t have any scenes in a Jeep. Good try though.

Can you give us an approximate year? What was the plot, do you remember?

The plot seemed like maybe a newer remake of a TX Chainsaw Massacre. The cast seemed pretty modern looking.

not a jeep but starts off couples making out in back and a parody Scary Movie 1 Scary Movie I Know what you did last summer parody pt 1 - YouTube