Horror or thriller movie with some guy with superpowers with his mind

The film is about a man in his 20s who leads a normal life. He meets another man playing chess in the park. He played a game with him and lost. After that he comes back home and started reading chess books and saw that he could read the whole book which was huge in just five minutes. There, he falls into the wrong world at the same time when a friend comes to his apartment. His friend called 911. When he woke up in the hospital. The doctor started examining him by showing him pictures of various animals and arranging them in alphabetical order. He does it immediately and the doctor tells him that he has a very good memory. After that when he got home he went to play chess with that man from the park and beat him plus that man from the park said he hadn’t lost in many years. Afterwards, there were demonic visions of something that had happened and would happen. That’s why he goes to a psychiatrist to check what’s wrong with him. If he explained it she wouldn’t believe him, he proved it to her by taking any book from her shelf and reading it in ten seconds just like before and she believed him because she opened any page and asked what was written on what he would immediately reply. That psychiatrist finds one man who can help him. That man whom the psychiatrist (I think he is black) found explains that he is (link) and there were many more of them before. They are the link between the demonic world and the other, so said this man. That’s why the demons are very afraid of him and try to kill him, in order to solve all this, he has to find another (link) to stay alive for a long time. He understood that it was the paradise of the man he met in the park. He made up for it because he thought it was his brother with whom he was separated when the log was small. But realized it too late. The demons overtook him. The visions became unbearable and he goes to his friend from the beginning of the story for help. When he arrives at his place, he explains to him that he has powers and that he knows how he had sex with his girlfriend a while ago. This friend of his does not believe him and thinks that he was looking at him through the window. When it starts to appear to this main character that his friend and girlfriend are demons. and tries to kill them. After that, the scene switches to him being tied to a bed in a madhouse and his psychiatrist is above him, whose face turns into a demon, and the film ends there.

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Headspace (2005).

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