Horror/thriller movie with killer on deserted island 1960s or 1970s

A horror/thriller movie set on (I think?) an uninhabited island in the pacific (i think?). I want to say it’s like a group of four people white adults) and at the end the killer is one of them and he reveals himself as the killer to another male at the end on the beach (before killing him?). I remember it as black and white movie though it may be color. I think it was suspenseful and slow building, with low key dramatic dialogue but creepy and beautiful nature shots — like end on beach. I think it was from 1960s or 1970s — I want to say definitely before 1980 though I guess it could have been early 80s but not later. I think it was a pacific island but it could have been Caribbean I guess. Any one have and ideas? Thanks!!!

And then there were none (1945) ??

No it was more modern than that … 60s? 70s? Thx though :slight_smile:

could it be horror along lines of “island of blood” or “grim reaper (1980)”? how did the kills happen, and was it just one person killed?

Is it possible that its a later version of “And then there were none…” The 1974 one with Oliver Reed? It was released in the US as Ten LIttle Indians:

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Could your movie have been dubbed?
If so, maybe Five Dolls For An August Moon (1970)?